We offer a robust suite of Personalized Marketing Email Advertising services that help you create and deliver tailored messages to your customers. Our team members make sure your data is clean, secure, highly deliverable and that your emails look amazing on any device.

Variable Data Marketing

Create campaigns that convert prospects into frequent customers. We can help you use your customer data to create compelling messaging tailored to each and every client.

Personalized Digital Offers

Display Personalized Digital Offerings based on an individual person or groups of people.

Personalized Digital Flip Books

Display Personalized Digital Flip Book Brochures based on an individual person or groups of people.

High Deliverability

Through data cleaning, a high reputation with ISPs and our experienced email templating experience, we ensure your emails reach the inbox and avoid the SPAM folder.

Shared Email Addresses

Using our Shared Email Address and Variable Data Marketing features you can send different offerings to one or more recipients sharing the same email address.

Responsive HTML

We test your emails on over 40 devices and email clients to ensure they look great everywhere.

Analytic Reporting

From Soft Bounces to CTOR, our full suite of analytics helps you track and improve marketing performance and list hygiene.

Triggered Automation

Nurture relationships and keep in touch with our custom triggered automation programs.

A/B Testing

Use our A/B Testing services to try out subject lines, CTAs and even entire emails. Determine the winner independently or have our system determine and send the winning variation automatically.

Automated A/B Testing, Dynamic Personalized Emails, and Visual Dashboards boost your campaigns

Test And Determine A Winner

Run A/B and Multivariate Tests efficiently with easy reports that present clear winners

Personalized Variable Email Marketing

Completely personalize your inbox marketing with our variable data emails. Address your customers individually and tailor offers to their interests.

Dashboard for Quick Insights

Easy-to-read dashboards present complex data with only a few clicks. Get meaningful insights into your campaign performance.

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