Have the ultimate competitive advantage over your competitors with Synchronized Direct Mail & Digital Marketing. Use our affiliated print experts or yours for your printing, we can synchronize related digital offers with door-to-door print mailings.

Not synchronizing your direct mail & digital marketing campaigns? It is possible you’re missing out on a potential loss in revenue and customer engagement. Digital marketing and direct mail exhibit different responses from different recipients. By synchronizing direct mail and digital campaigns you can track and determine which customers respond to direct mail and which customers respond to digital campaigns. If you determine most of your customers respond to digital campaigns, you can drive direct mail customers to digital campaigns and reduce your direct mail print costs.

Since the start of our business in 2012, we have been performing this service for our customers. We have the ability to create digital versions of your direct mail Self Mailers, Flip Books, Brochures, Post Cards and other promotions for use in digital campaigns. Our digital versions are similar representations to the print materials including any personalization such as name, account numbers or messages displayed just as they are on the printed materials. These digital representations of the direct mail print will now allow your clients to have the same personalized effectiveness with digital products as they do with personalized direct mail.

These digital representations can be used in personalized email advertising campaigns and personalized web portals or microsites. If our customers combine these digital offers with our Personalized Web Portals or Marketing Microsites, their customers will experience an enhanced direct mail experience. Their customers will now have the ability to synchronize their direct mail campaigns and see all of the direct mail and digital campaigns in one location. Being able to have all of your direct mail and digital campaigns in one location comes in handy when your customers are transient. Your customers will have all their offers with them no matter where they are in the world.

These features will give you the competitive advantage over your competition and make your customers “sticky”. So, let us synchronize your print mail and digital campaigns today!

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