Casino Online Player Portals improve customer relationships, keep customers loyal and engaged. Aggregate personalized targeted offers and other targeted information, delivering relevant, up-to-date offers to individuals or groups of customers with a single log-in. Our Casino Online Player Portal product is used as the Casino Players Club by some of our customers.

Casino Online Player Portals

Casino Online Player Portals allow direct engagement with your customers. Deliver personalized content and interact with your players across whatever Marketing Channels they prefer.

Casino Players Club

Online Players Portals make a great Casino Players Club. Players signup to receive their special VIP Offers, Points and Card Levels in one place.

No Mail Provider Needed

We can work independently of your Direct Mail provider or with your Direct Mail provider to place digital content on your Player Portals.

Quick Content Turnaround Times

Our Team can place content up on the Online Player Portal in 3 days or less.

Personalized Digital Offers

Display Personalized Digital Offerings based on an individual person or groups of people. Offers can be images with personalized messages embedded or text based.

Personalized Digital Flip Books

Display Personalized Digital Flip Book Brochures or Self-Mailers based on an individual person or groups of people.

Website Integration

No integration required. We’ll customize your Online Player Portal to the look and feel of your existing website or integrate directly into your website.

Synchronize Offerings with
Email or Direct Mail

Personalized Email or Direct Mail offerings based on an individual person or groups of people can be displayed on your Player Portal.

Display Content on
Multiple Device Types

Online Player Portals are accessible from Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets so customers can pull up personalized offers anywhere!

Responsive Web Design

Our Casino Online Player Portal is built for the web using Responsive Web Design. As a result, the player is provided with the best visual experience to desktop, laptop and mobile users.

Integration With Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Interface allows for seamless integration into your Mobile Apps.

Ask Survey Questions

Ask Survey Questions to your customers. Helps keep you connected to your customers wants and needs.

Casino Online Player Portals Desktop View

Forget digging through inboxes. Online Player Portals give your customers a single place to find their exclusive, personalized content.

Casino Online Player Portals Mobile View

Quick, easy access on any mobile device

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